"YOU hear it FIRST!"

98, July 15

We have a new member to the clan. He is B1TCH-A55. I have made many updates to the page today. New GFX and files to download and new waves and midis. More stuff to come.

98, July 14

Again more boring months... No one is challenging us and most of the members have lost interest... [sigh] I hope it picks up or we may have to disband... In other news, I have started playing Amtgard, which is a live action RPG and swordplay game. Well, so long Rabid Doggers... I hope our clan will flourish...

98, April 29

Long time since the last update... Not much news on the front... We have a CLAN E-mail address at rabiddogclan@hotmail.com. Also, I've got two more skins done... Raistlins skin is done... and it's... Raistlin... I've also made a new clan skin... The colors show on the front on the letters and the new logo shows on the back. We'll also be holding OFFICIAL CLAN MEETINGS every week on Friday at 6:00pm. They will be held on spider.dal.net in the room #RDC. If you attend, please do not interfere with non-Quake or non-clan relatd issues. That's the newsy, so long, persons of the Rabid Dog world!

98, March 6

It's been almost a month, but, boy, did I get a lot of shit done!!! Totally new grafix!!! New members!!! New names!!! The works!!! I'm frikkin glad, too! It was a helluvalotta work!!! Anyway! I've been going on long enough... a coupla more skins and stuff to do! Maybe we'll actuallty get a FREAKIN CLAN MATCH GODDAMN IT!!! >8^(#|.... >:^'.... <:^,.... <|:^|#)... better... ok... that's it... bye.

98, February 7

The first update of the new year!!! I got rid of my ICQ pages since no one visits this page anyway and they were just taking up space. Well, on to the news! Skinner has an updated skin thanks to me. MESs renamed back to that loveable ol' Scribbit. We might just have a clan match this month so keep your eyes peeled for a better RDC page in the near future. I've got some new graphics toys to play with, so I'm gonna start this page with a new look soon. That's all for now... Keep it real... (RaNsAx)

97, December 22

It's that time of the year again! The time where everyone gets presents, everyone's happy, and the ODBC get souped up on Eggnog and Vodka! That's right, It's Christmas time! My gift to everyone is a rocket gib and a frag to each of you! My special gift to STC is that I'm finally starting on KillHawk and General Talon (aka JuJu777)'s skins. I hope you've had a great year everyone! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

97, December 6

Well, according to GoldenHog... We can't have any more members joing the clan... (YEAH... Like anyone WANTS to...) I just got my computer back up... It was down for a week being upgraded to a P166 (WOO HOO). I'm thinking about using a different guestbook, but I'm not really sure. Got a better mouse and keyboard, so Quake is even better to play! Peace out.

97, November 11

Been a while since I updated... I ran out of web space... But, as always, I found a way. Three new members have joined the clan: MACHINE, Bishop, and SilentHunter. Scribbit changed his name to MESs. MysticX changed his skin drastically with Adobe Photoshop and it looks good. Added a DEFAULT skin. My name is officially RaNsAx thanks to all the people that voted in. Added a coupla Haiku and a Limerick (keep em comin guys!). Thats about it. Thanks.

97, October 16

I've added some more links and a download page. I'm gettin' this page on its feet!!! I also have more allies added to the clan. I made the Clan skin for TUF, its cool, well, its ok. TTFN.

97, October 12

Ok, Bratt decided she didn't want to be in the clan after all. I changed my skin a little bit. I submitted this page to many search engines a few minutes ago... plan to see it on them shortly. I've also added the new Haiku and Limericks sections. That's about it...

97, October 6

I'm currently designing/making a skin for each head general of the Steel Talon Clan. I've been doing a lot to this page to make it an ICQ related page as well. Now, I've got a midi or a sound on damn near EVERY page now! Three cheers for me! Hooray! Hooray! HOORAY! (BOOO!!!) WHO SAID THAT?!

97, October 5

The Steel Talon Clan BEGGED for our superior forgiveness, so we accepted... hesitantly... after tormenting them for about a week! (Heh Heh) I still didn't get the new guy's info... I accidentally deleted HER info. And I haven't gotten contact from HER since... I made a "boner" of a mistake and deleted HER info. In other news, I've finished HeftySmurf's skin. It is cool. That's all the news for now. Peace.

97, September 28

The following name changes have been made: MadRush = Killdare; Johan von Nippleheimer = HeftySmurf; MiseryMachine = PurpleHaze; Q-Skinner = Skinner... I have made a new skin for Lord-Twisted and Killdare... I am currently making one for HeftySmurf. We welcome a new member to the clan... but SHE's a secret right now...

97, September 25

I re-made GH's skin in the past 2 nights. ZD also sent me a skin and I spent a couplea days trying to get the shading... you can check out the progress made on the Skins Page. I'm sad to report that those shit talking dumbasses with NO CLAN or CLAN PAGE, The Steel Talon Clan, would like to be our rivals... I'm sorry, but I don't DO rivals... They are ENEMIES. The opposition WILL be CRUSHED... That is all.

97, September 22

Not much to report, just seeing if people are paying attention. I'm working on ZD's new skin... thats about it... I'll add more stuff when I become a Premium Member of Tripod.

97, September 16

.....Well, a LOT has happened since I last updated this page.... We've done a HELLUVALOT of renovations and are continuing to do them as you read this. This is the first OFFICIAL NEWS of the Rabid Dog Clan. We are going to add a Downloads Page and we just added this Brand-Spankin New News page!
.....Bilbo/PimpDaddySpawn/NAVARIN REJOINED the clan saying, "I know I said I was gonna wait till Quake II came out, but then I said, 'What the hell!'" His new name is Rabsher. I will also be adding a clan name origin section on the main page for you people who want to know where our CrAzY names came from in our sick, twisted little minds.
.....We've gotten a few new members as well. Let's see, there's MadRush, MiseryMachine, Johan von Nippleheimer, ChillyWilly, ShadowLord, (yber|)runk, and maybe you, if you're lucky.

(p.s. This page has been on members.tripod.com for many months now, just to straighten things out... the news underneath is from way back when the clan first started and we had only 7 members.)


.....Hello and welcome to the Rabid Dog Clan's Home Page. Does anyone know "HTML"??? If so, contact me IMMEDIATELY! I need help getting this page on its feet! (I've been trying to figure out how to put midis etc. on pages...)
.....Hello, loyal Quakers and Clan Members! This is your ol' buddy RaNsAx again. Anubis changed his name to "ZeroDouji." .....Bilbo/PimpDaddySpawn/NAVARIN has QUIT THE CLAN! It appears that he has too many extracurricular activities (that's why I avoid them at
all costs!).
.....In other news, ALMOST ALL the skins are finished. There are about 2 in progress and about 1 still left to get started on. Check out MY Quaiku and limericks at Quake, the Universe, and Everything (look for the name RaNsAx) and GoldenHog's article in QuakeWeek. I'm learning a little bit of HTML, so the page is gonna be moved to tripod.com shortly (no date yet) and it'll have much more than this page does. Like more Quake related links and downloads of our favorite MODs. Stay tuned.