[About RDC]

We are a Quake Clan. If you don't know what Quake is, go HERE now! We are all of various ages and ethnicity. To learn more about us, go to the Clan Biographies Section. We have expanded a little and include about 2 or 3 more states that we live in. We decided to start a Quake clan when Quake first came out and clans were popping up everywhere. But we didn't have the necessary requirements to start a clan. So, I made the first clan page with AOL's Personal Publisher (back when I was an AOLLAMA). Then I moved it to Tripod and changed EVERYTHING and here is the finished product. GoldenHog and I (RaNsAx) are the founding members. Most of the clan are either friends of GH's or mine and/or go to my school. That's all the general info. about the clan.

Here's the origin of our kooky, messed up, and/or (if you will) InSaNe names. These names are special because they're ours, of course!

GoldenHog He got his name from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.... When he was into that game he thought Gannon was really cool... When he got a comp, he started playing those crappy games like Ski Free and for his high score name he would put GoldenHog...
RaNsAx This is what I wanted to be called, dammit.
Skinner He wanted to be called "Skinner".
Soam ???
Anubis Egyptian god of the dead and name of the Dark Warlord of Cruelty on Ronin Warriors.
Scribbit Name derived of the ancient Imbecillious term "Scribbit Head" by Jason Langley, which, translated, means, "I belong in a mental institution."
Lord-Twisted Who knows! Who cares! He's TwIsTeD!!! He's InSaNe!!! He's addicted to Pee Wee Herman!!!
ChillyWilly He said that Chilly Willy rules and if you make fun of The Woody Woodpecker show, he'll sodomize you with a watermelon.
ShadowLord In Mechwarrior he would hide in a shadow shut down and then ambush them when they came around.
Rabsher A rabsher is the sense of euphoria and seeing your life flash before your eyes right before you die.
Soam ???
Killdare He's a guy that dares to kill when he knows he'll get his ass kicked later.
HeftySmurf The burliest of the little blue guys, this blue wonder uses his machismo for the good of his species, and that's just GrOoVy, BaBy!!! Yeah-heah!
DarkScythe It goes with the sounds on his member page. ;^)
Raistlin The coolest and most powerful character of the DragonLance Saga. He sacraficed his soul to the evil queen to keep the balance of the cosmos.
MACHINE He likes metal, uhhh... I guess.
Bishop ???
SilentHunter ???
Q-BALL His high school nickname.
SnowWhite ???
B1TCH-A55 ???

The official colors of the Rabid Dog Clan are as follows: Turquoise (11) and Red (4).
[Clan Colors]
The reason I chose these colors was that they are the default colors of Jago from Killer Instict and Jago RULES!

There is no "CLAN SKIN" for us Rabid Dogs. The reason for this is... We all want to have an ORIGINAL look. I think it adds originality to our clan to have individual skins for each person. Plus, It'll let you know who you're dealing with in a normal DM, since no one else has these skins but our clan members, unless someone else has fought us. You can view the skins HERE. However, due to many complaints and the fact that many people in the clan still don't have skins, I have created a DEFAULT skin... Here it is...