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PERSONAL INFO: (REAL information about you)
Real Name:
Date of Birth:

Favorite Band/Musician:
Processor Speed: (i.e. 586 133 or P133)
Connection Speed: (i.e. 28.8)
Home Page:
Do you REALLY want to join? Yes No (Then why the hell are you here???)
Are you Male or Female

QUAKE BIO: (We do a lot of role-playing, so this is just for your Quake "character") Nickname:
Mortar Shell Catcher (ONLY for people who don't have the necessary equipment/software or if you just plain SUCK)
Specialty: (What you're good at in Quake)

Height (Can be fake):
Weight (Can be fake):
Favorite Weapon:
Personal Quote: (put something COOL here)

Also add a little something about yourself... anything... it doesn't matter... Stuff like where you're from, etc.

1. You MUST be at LEAST 13 years old.
2. You MUST provide (or get someone else to provide) your own (original or semi-original) Quake skin. (I'll get the Clan Logo to you)
3. You MUST have at least played Quake once before.
4. You MUST have an ORIGINAL nickname.
5. Once you are in the clan, you MUST abide by senior officer's orders, not strictly (we won't force you and we tolerate arguements and disagreements)
6. You MUST completely fill this out and we will get to your response immediately.
7. You MUST have QuakeWorld and/or QSpy.
8. Please download Mirabilis ICQ from our homepage.
NOTE: If you disgrace the clan, go up against senior officers constantly, or just piss someone off you will be demoted (temporarily) to "Pond Scum". You will get a message if this has happened that revokes some of your previous clan priveleges.

I understand these requirements and I have met them...
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